Total Performance Optimization


Maxifier has been delivering Total Performance Optimization since 2010, ensuring premium publishers and media buyers can benefit from the commercial and operational benefits that enhanced optimization delivers. 


In today’s complex, fragmented, and technology-driven online advertising environment, Maxifier gives you full insight and control of all your campaigns; allows you to determine the programmatic vs. human optimization balance; and simplifies optimization by delivering actionable recommendations for every campaign to make the whole process easier and quicker to execute. The result - more efficiency, more effective campaigns and more profit.

With offices in the US, UK, Japan and Russia, Maxifier works with leading publishers and media companies, helping drive value for a publisher’s premium inventory and enabling media businesses to maximize their performance and margin on non-guaranteed inventory.

Across our ADMAX platform:

  • We optimize across more than 150 different parameters 
  • 44,000 campaigns are analysed every month
  • 68 billion impressions are optimized, on average, each month
  • 60,000 optimization recommendations are generated every day


Maxifier is owned by Cxense, the Oslo Stock Exchange-listed global data and personalization technology company.


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