Total Performance Optimization

ADMAX: Commercial Benefits


Boosting profitability by focussing on Premium: Premium inventory is the key to profitability. Performance improvements here can have a substantial impact on your bottom line. While most solutions focus on helping monetize low value remnant inventory ADMAX enables you to drive optimal value from your premium.  

Optimizing every campaign: ADMAX removes the time consuming inefficiencies traditionally associated with manual optimization. This allows you to optimize every campaign you have running, not simply a small select proportion of them, helping to keep all your advertisers happy and boost revenues. On average, we can help you deliver a 20 – 50% increase in performance for your campaigns.

Optimizing on the metrics important to your advertiser: We can help you optimize to whatever performance metric is the key measure of success for your advertiser. Additionally, by choosing ADMAX PLUS, we can help you tap into brand budgets by enabling you to optimize to brand-orientated metrics.

Attracting new business by proving success: ADMAX provides you with the ability to demonstrate real success and highlight real examples of the positive impact that implementing optimization recommendations has had on your client’s campaigns.  

Maximizing advertiser retention: It can be 10 times more expensive to get a new advertiser than retain an existing one. By ensuring every campaign achieves its objective you can help minimize advertiser attrition, which has positive implications for your bottom line.   

Growing retained revenue: By helping boost campaign performance, reduce under and over delivery (and the financial implications associated with them) and ensure every campaign delivers to the advertiser's objective, you can greatly improve your retained revenue and ensure you remain on more media plans.

Total transparency provides your advertisers with total confidence: ADMAX provides you with a complete log of every campaign optimization action improvement you have implemented to improve performance. This gives you valuable insight that can be applied in the future and allows you to share this information with your advertiser to help their learning and foster greater trust.  

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