Total Performance Optimization

ADMAX: What ADMAX Delivers


Supporting all major ad servers, ADMAX uses rapid performance analysis to make forecasts and individual recommendations that will optimize the performance of every live campaign, ensure they deliver to their goals and improve your inventory revenue.

ADMAX allows you to:

Visualize instantly the performance of every campaign running, enabling you to tell at a glance how each is progressing toward its goal.

Predict the performance of every campaign, based on its objective, so you can quickly identify discrepancies and take timely, relevant action to address any potential problem areas.

Optimize every campaign’s performance quickly and easily through automatically generated campaign recommendations, based on its KPIs, saving you time and effort and increasing the total performance of your inventory.

Simulate, test, and understand the impact any campaign change will have across all live campaigns – both positive and negative - before you implement it, ensuring your actions are beneficial to your advertiser as well as to the health of your overall business.

Act to improve campaign performance immediately by applying any changes to campaign delivery directly to the ad server, eliminating the need to work across two interfaces and double the optimization effort.

Deliver programmatically, by fully or selectively automating the optimization workflow, freeing up time for the operations team to focus on other business critical areas.

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