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Maxifier hired Roy Beeharry as European sales director.
03.03.2015 by Maxifier
Maxifier hired Roy Beeharry as European sales director.
Maxifier focuses on European expansion
02.27.2015 by Maxifier
Maxifier this week announced the appointment of Roy Beeharry as its European sales director, as the sell-side company aims to bolster its business in the UK and mainland Europe
Maxifier appoints new sales director to drive European growth
02.23.2015 by Maxifier
Maxifier, the global leader in total performance optimisation, today announced the appointment of Roy Beeharry as European Sales Director, where he will focus on growing the Maxifier business in the UK and mainland Europe.
Online Campaigns Increasingly See Geo-Data As ‘Performance Enhancer’
02.17.2015 by Maxifier
It’s been over a year since ad tech veteran Denise Colella was promoted from Maxifier’s chief revenue officer to its CEO. Maxifier occupies a fairly unique place in the ad tech arena: its job is to help companies better manage their online ad inventory pricing.
Denise Colella, CEO at Maxifier - Shares Insights
02.05.2015 by Maxifier
Our ‘Profile: A Day in the Life of’ feature takes a look at some of the global professionals working across performance marketing. It aims to shed light on the varying roles and companies across the flourishing industry. This week we head to New York to speak to the chief executive at...
Not Dressed to Impress, and Running Into a High School Classmate
01.27.2015 by Maxifier
New York Times: I’m lucky enough to have a lot of friends all around the world, which makes business travel kind of fun. I’ve been flying my entire career, and now as chief executive of Maxifier, an advertising technology company, I’m traveling as much as ever.
Ad Tech Vendors Need to Market To The Marketers
01.14.2015 by Maxifier
Know your customer. It’s rule No. 1 in marketing, yet the ad tech industry has fallen down in understanding its most important customer: marketers.
The Often Overlooked Side Of The Digital Publishing World: Optimization
01.05.2015 by Maxifier
Publishers invest a great deal of time and effort into negotiating the contract and getting media spend for premium ads. However, once the ink is dry, too many miss the next step – making sure the campaign delivers to the advertiser’s goals.
Ad tech Fails to ‘Talk the Talk’ When it Comes to Communicating with Marketers
12.19.2014 by Maxifier
As we come to the end of a busy autumn conference season, I’ve been lucky to have attended many digital events here in London, mainland Europe, and in the U.S. Refreshingly, a few of the sessions have had advertisers speaking – rather than being vendor-heavy panels, which has become the norm...
What North America is Saying: 21 Experts on Marketing in 2015
12.17.2014 by Maxifier
It's not easy to determine which direction performance marketing will take next year. To get a new perspective, we asked 21 experts from a variety of North American companies what they expect will be the biggest industry developments in 2015
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