Total Performance Optimization


“In the last month alone, optimizing on in-view rate has boosted campaign viewability by double-digits, at the same time delivering significant CTR performance improvements."

David Minkin, Executive Director of Revenue Operations, The Atlantic

“Allowing a publisher to use the power of our data and then take immediate actions to improve viewability campaigns is beneficial to both the publisher and advertiser. Enhancing our relationship with Maxifier to ensure viewability can be action-orientated will help to drive success for all parts of the market.” 

Jonah Goodhart, CEO and Co-Founder, Moat

“Thanks to ADMAX TRADE, we have a full insight into how all our campaigns are performing. Using the platform, not only are we able to positively affect our buying, so we focus budgets on acquiring inventory that delivers to our advertisers’ goals, but we can quickly see how campaigns are trending, identify areas of concerns and take action to ensure they remain on track. ADMAX TRADE has delivered revenue and performance improvements as well as margin growth and is also helping make our life easier.”

Head of RTB Activities, Orange Advertising France

"We now have the tools to easily understand our inventory, its performance, and we have gained clarity into future inventory performance. All of this has given us the ability to leverage our most valuable inventory and maximize ad revenue."

Mark Howard, CRO, Forbes Media

"Ad Operations has significantly improved because ADMAX gives greater clarity on campaign performance, forecasting and for the first time an ability to do ‘what if’ campaign analysis."

Group Operations Director, Bauer Media

"The company is now saving 20% of the time that ad traffickers used to spend doing manual optimization. Now Maxifier makes recommendations to our ad trafficking team and they just have to say yes or no. This frees up time on the part of the team to focus on higher-value activities on behalf of BlogHer advertisers."

Debbie Wogan, Chief Revenue Officer, BlogHer

“ADMAX has cut down the time our team spends on optimization by 50% so we can now focus much more on activities that bring greater value to our advertisers.”

Kelvin Sawyer, Director, Digital Advertising Operations, STACK

Until now, optimization has been manual and time consuming and it was very difficult to carry it out for every campaign. ADMAX removes these inefficiencies and allows us to minimize the traditional publisher challenges around ensuring performance and delivery. As a result, we will now be able to help our advertisers achieve their objectives and maximize our retained revenues for the business.

Grant Moise, Vice President, Digital, The Dallas Morning News

"Within three months of operation we saw overall monetized impressions increase and a CTR uplift of more than 30% across all display campaigns."

Daniel Spears, Performance Optimization Manager, Guardian News & Media

"Maxifier was an obvious choice to help scale a rapidly growing technology start-up. Because Maxifier’s ADMAX requires no site tagging and is seamlessly integrated with our current ad management technology platform, 24/7 Media’s 24/7 Open AdStream, implementation was easy, giving us immediate insights and control across all campaigns running on our network. Its system-generated suggestions ensure that, network-wide, we can deliver greater campaign performance improvements for our advertisers, while simultaneously reducing the time and effort we traditionally spent on optimization."

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